Old Town Albuquerque Co-op Art Gallery Celebrates 35 Years in Business

Four Women Artists Lead the 35th Anniversary Events

In an Old Town Albuquerque Co-op Art Gallery, four Amapola women illustrate much that is good about New Mexico and her art community. They are a paper artist, a glass artist, a photographer and a watercolorist.

Albuquerque Co-op Art Gallery features the work of origami artist Vicki Bolen.

Vicki Bolen first learned the art of origami 25 years ago. She combines the origami crane figure with words, stitchery, collage. She calls herself a “hybrid printmaker” to create something complex out of the simple, working to “keep the viewer captivated.” She could be said to push artistic boundaries as an art form.

See the glass work of Anita Daniels at Amapola Gallery, an Albuquerque Co-op art Gallery.

Anita Daniels’ degree is in chemistry and industrial arts and she integrates this knowledge into contemporary fused glass pieces. She says she loves glass, “the chemical processes, the endless variety of color and all the possibilities of design.” Her newest work involves manipulating the liquid glass to create pieces of amazing visual depth.

Photographer Mikki Roth exhibits at Amapola Gallery, an Albuquerque Co-op Art Gallery.

Photographer Mikki Roth grew up in New York but when she moved to New Mexico thirty years ago she adopted the area as her “choice” home. Her passion for photography evolved from interests both in nature and in the many cultures of the Southwest. She offers her viewers “a permanent record of beauty.

Watercolorist Katherine Gauntt displays at Amapola Gallery, an Albuquerque Co-op Art Gallery.

Watercolorist Katherine Gauntt manipulates light and shadow to get the most drama possible in her interpretations of landscapes, chickens, ballerinas, horses. She strives to capture “the magical uniqueness and drama of each subject” with a technique grounded in her mastery of drawing.

All of these women have stepped out of their studios this summer to work as chairwomen of the events celebrating Amapola’s 35th year in business. Vicki, clearly a masochist (though a highly organized one) is in charge of the overall celebration which takes place over 35 days, beginning with our Party on the Patio on Saturday, August 15.

Party on the Patio is Anita Daniels’ baby, complete with show-and-tell-demos by more than a dozen of our artist members, refreshments, and more.

That day also kicks off 35 days of showcasing art pieces for $35 each, designated in each artists’ display area in the gallery. This will be highlighted with a reception August 29, another chance to meet and chat with us while you enjoy the art. The special $35 displays and reception are to be organized and overseen by Mikki Roth, though the $35 items remain through our Alumni Party on Sunday, September 12, the concluding event for our 35-day-long, 35th year celebration.

Katherine Gauntt is busy rounding up past Directors of our co-op as well as other alumni but she welcomes all of you to the party.

Organizing artists is a lot like herding Gila Monsters. We’re as independent as cats but usually slower to move! Our chairwomen, with their fabulous paper-glass-photographic-watercolor art, deserve a round of applause.

Come see the wonders each of these woman artists produce in their art time, and keep our anniversary events on your calendar, too. We’ll love to see you!

Albuquerque Co-op Art Gallery Conclusion:

Explore Amapola Gallery, an Old Town Albuquerque Co-op Art Gallery and join us for these 35th year Anniversary Events:

  • August 15, 2015 – 10a-5p – Party on the Patio, featuring more than 12 show and tell artist demos
  • August 15 through September 13, 2015 – Choice $35 items in each artist’s display space
  • August 29, 2015 – 10a-5p – Super $35 Sale. A select grouping of items at 1980 prices
  • September 13, 2015 – 10a-5p Finale celebration. Ribbon cutting at 11am, cake all day, honoring all Amapola past and present directors and all Alumni.

After a lifetime batting words around like shuttlecocks in an endless game of badminton, it is a pleasure to use them to promote Old Town and my fellow artists at Amapola Gallery. –Kristin Parrott, carver, painter and acorn stuffer

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