Lynda Burch


I began my art career many years ago with watercolor and soon began adding collage elements to give texture.  Then I discovered acrylics, and one day my husband gave me his old stamp collection to use.  After finding out they were worthless, I decided to buy a few more colorful stamps to add in.  Now I am painting two types of art, some just pure acrylic impressionistic paintings, and the second group of stamp, map, wine label colleges with acrylic, truly using recycled objects in my art.  The latter has been my  thrust in the recent past and , since I like experimental techniques, who knows where I will go next?  But it is a fun and passionate journey for me.   

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2016-04-16 16.07.53

City in the Cloud

Cluck, Cluck

Dawn Patrol

Red, Red

Stamp Puppy

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