Jack Boglioli

Jack Boglioli – Why I create jewelry

This is my way of bringing beauty into the world, and therefore into the lives of others. Shapes and forms come to me as ideas, and I have an intense desire to bring those ideas into reality.

How it’s made

Every piece starts with a concept. That concept then becomes a drawing, sometimes working itself out through many rough sketches until a final design is decided upon.

After the design process, work begins to create the physical piece. My signature style is created using wrapping and weaving techniques with precious metals. These are the techniques which show up in all of my work, no matter how simple or complex, and give it it’s distinct look.

“I have always felt a need to create. I have a desire to bring ideas from my mind to reality, and if I cannot do this for any length of time, the desire just becomes stronger.”


Jack Boglioli Amapola Gallery Pendant


Jack Boglioli Amapola Gallery Pendant


Jack Boglioli Amapola Gallery Pendant


View more of my work here:   www.jackboglioli.com

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