Daniel Region

Bio and Artist Statement

My professional artistic life has taken numerous paths. I was an On-Air professional radio and television broadcaster for over 35 years, for seventeen of those years, I was the “Voice” of the Emmy Award winning daytime drama As The World Turns. I was an actor for 22 years in NYC, a theatre and film director, novelist and columnist. Several years ago I got serious about being a photographer, something I had done since I got my first Brownie box camera when I was 7 or 8 years old and thought I wanted to be a cinematographer. “Getting Serious” is when the passion for something grows so great you simply cannot, not do it. Jean Renoir once said that was why he made films and why his father painted. That is why I am a photographer.

With photography, the portrait process embodies an intimacy similar to that which a director experiences when engaged with an actor, working to discover and create the truth of a life.

Lee Strasberg said, “The theatre actor’s art dies the moment it is created.” The photographer’s art is the opposite; it is born with the shutter’s click.  The photograph is the instantaneous capturing of a specific moment of time. The portrait captures the single breath of a life, a brief glimpse at the soul and spirit of an individual. This is also true with landscapes.

It is that magical combination of shadow and light, that isolated moment of time and that breath of life, I work to capture.

Daniel Region

Abiquiu_Kitchen Rock_16x20

“Abiquiu Kitchen”



Sunset Clouds_ABQ

“Sunset Clouds ABQ”

Taos Pueblo by Daniel Region

“Taos Pueblo”

White Sands by Daniel Region

“White Sands”


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