Amapola Gallery’s Newest Member – Allen Tillery

There’s something fishy about Allen Tillery, Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery’s newest member. Fins, tails, scales, buggy eyes and all. Everything but the smell and four times the color.

Allen’s background is tech school and a degree in offset lithography, years as a tech working on base for (but not in)the Air Force and as a wood carver and cabinet maker. His current line of work is mixed media paintings and wall hangings. At Amapola we have the wall hangings.

These begin when he makes his own molds of platinum silicon, into which he pours a mix of urethane resin with ceramic filler. The various pieces are then hand painted using a variety of air brush and dry brush techniques and eye-popping colors. As a dandy finish, the pieces ate UV protected for outdoor use. Such a deal!

Not into fish? Allen’s images include shamans, ponies and more, and he continues to create new molds.

See the entire collection at Amapola Gallery, 205 Romero N.W., on the Plaza in Old Town. Open 10 to5 daily.

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