Two New Artists Welcomed to Amapola Gallery

Join us at Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery in welcoming two terrific Guest Members, Carol Lutz and Cynthia Mulvaney.


Carol Lutz  (rhymes with roots) displays her beautiful fused and slumped glass. She features standing glass “paintings,” plates, nifty lazy susans and more, much of it functional as well as decorative. Glass, she says, “takes on a personality all its own. ” A project may work as intended – – or it may not. Carol enjoys the great variety of glass colors and types and finds the experimentation and endless possibilities exciting. You will, too!


Cynthia Mulvaney is a wonderfully self- taught oil painter, whose desire for a fun mural for her kids’ room years ago led her to eventually open her own mural business. Yup. She’s that good! Cynthia is currently showing work on a much smaller but equally fun and quirky scale. Enjoy a bit of nostalgia with a skilled rendering of a favorite childhood toy or cartoon character, or a piece of chocolate cake to make your mouth water. She even slips in a landscape or two, painted in her crisp individual style.


Amapola Gallery, all New Mexican all the time, where great plus two equals even better! Staffed by the artists and open 10 to 5 daily at 205 Romero N.W, right on the Plaza in Old Town.


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