Being Thankful at Amapola Gallery

We artists at Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery have much to be thankful for.

We are ending our 39th year as a business in Old Town. Wow! That’s right–in January we’ll hit the big Four-Oh.

We are grateful for a loyal and ever-expanding audience of satisfied customers. That’s You, and without you our gallery would be history.

We hope you’ll include us in your holiday planning. Come in and enjoy our vast array art, collectibles and general wonders. If you can’t find that perfect hostess, Thanksgiving or Christmas gift for co-workers, friends and family, you’re browsing with your eyes closed. You might just find a little sump’m sump’m for yourself.

Thanks to you all, past, present and future customers. We couldn’t do it without you.

Amapola Gallery, open 10 to 5 daily at 205 Romero N.W., on the Plaza in Old Town. 242-4311 and at

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