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Amapola Gallery Your Destination Shop for Cards

Amapola Gallery is your destination shop for cards of all kinds.  You gotta know by now that Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery is a great source for gifts. Haven’t you been reading my splendid blogs? We overflow with handmade original art and crafts, from paintings to purses, photography to stone carvings, jewelry, ceramics, glass, wood, fabric… Read more »

Begin Gift-Giving Season at Amapola Gallery

Choose Amapola Co-op Gallery for Gift Giving Season What with our endless warm autumn, it’s hard to believe it’s nearly holiday time. But Thanksgiving rolls around in a few short weeks! Where to go for the perfect hostess gift? Locally-made unique Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa gifts? Or the perfect congrats-on-a-year-well-lived gift to yourself? Amapola Gallery, your one-stop gift,… Read more »

Amapola Gallery is a One-Stop Co-op, Gallery and Gift Shop

Want a One-of-a-Kind Co-op, Gallery and Gift Shop? There is an evocative but easy question on the agenda for the next Communications Committee meeting (the group which brings you, among other things, this blog.) The question is : “What are we? Gallery? Co-op? Gifts?” The easy answer is, “Yes!” First and foremost Amapola is an… Read more »