Saluting Past, Present and Future Amapola Gallery Directors

Amapola  Gallery Directors Manage Co-op Success

My grandfather used to say, “All men are created equal, but some are a damn sight more equal than others,” leaving no doubt as to were he fit in. Well, in Amapola artists’ cooperative gallery we are all equal. Trouble is, we still need a board of directors, including, under our current system, a Director (the Big Magilla) and Co-Director (Magilla in training). So, it’s a two year gig for those who take it on.

Typically our nominating committee, after several weeks of fast talking, finds one co-director nominee for the election of officers in the autumn. This is the one susceptible to guilt (“where will we be if everyone says no?”) or like a naïve national politician, who believes he or she can actually engineer positive, valuable change, or who enjoys authority (ha, ha, ha!) or who simply stumbles while fleeing and is shanghaied into service.

The job of gallery director involves an enormous amount of time and patience, stopping bucks thrown not only by the outside world but by 39 other artist-members can be and generally is exhausting. In my case it gave me an overwhelming respect for our Marge Page, who was Director many years ago and has been Treasurer since the year naught. How she can! (But thank goodness!)

Current Director Brenda Bowman and Past Director Rachel Nelson smile for the camera during Amapola Gallery's 35th Anniversary Celebration.

Current Director Brenda Bowman and Past Director Rachel Nelson smile for the camera during 35th anniversary festivities.

So as a part of our 35th year celebration we saluted all our past and present directors with cake, bonhomie and an overwhelming dose of gratitude.

Now that the hoopla (35 days celebrating 35 years August 15 – September 13, 2015) is complete, we can showcase those folk with the listing of their service and an ongoing moment of applause. (NOTE: Please accept our apologies for any misspellings, incorrect attributions, etc. We searched 34 years worth of minutes to compile this list.)

1980 Jan Hayes
1980 Betty Reuscher
1981 BJ Miller
1982 Sue Williams
1983 Marge Farmer
1984 Ann Oleson
1985 Rachel Nelson
1986 Gail Maio
1986 Marta Light
1987 Jan Hayes
1988 Sam and Jo Ann Lockwood
1989 Maureen Cue
1990 Joyce Hamil
1990 Cynthia Ploski
1991 Undetermined
1992 Ramona Vigil Eastwood
1992 Matthew Eastwood
1993 Ramona and Matthew Eastwood
1994 Cathleen Kardas
1995 Cathy Haight and Penny Roberts
1996 Leslie Kranz
1997 Marjorie Bassler
1997 Ramona Eastwood
1998 Marjorie Bassler and Ramona Eastwood
1999 Leslie Freeman
1999 Bob Leblanc
2000 Lois Rae
2001 Cathleen Kardas
2002 Sandra Lipka
2004 Midge Aragon
2005 Garcia
2006 Bob Leblanc
2007 Bob Leblanc
2008 Vera Russell
2009 Sandra Lipka
2010 Becky Olesen
2011 Kevin Burgess
2012 Allen Lowery
2013 Diane Marshall
2014 Kristin Parrott
2015 Brenda Bowman

It is with humility and gratitude that we salute each of you – those who have made it possible for the rest of us to participate in an ongoing, vital business for the past 35 years. Thank you! We couldn’t do it without you.

Give us your good wishes for 35 more years in Old Town, and 35 more naive, guilt-ridden, stumbling runners to Direct us into a successful future.

After a lifetime batting words around like shuttlecocks in an endless game of badminton, it is a pleasure to use them to promote Old Town and my fellow artists at Amapola Gallery. –Kristin Parrott, carver, painter and acorn stuffer


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G Stanley

I knew Gail Maio when I was a kid as she is the mother of my godmother. My family has quite a bit of her work. She painted me a watercolor dragon on silk for my 12th bday (not her style but at my request) that hangs on my wall to this day. She did alot of personal work for my sisters bday’s aswell. A truly talented artist.
– Gregnn1


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