Historical Building Is Perfect Home for Gallery

The works in Amapola Gallery combine age-old techniques with the modern inspiration of its forty member artists. Fittingly, the gallery is housed in Old Town’s Historic Romero House, at 205 Romero Street NW, on the Plaza.

Historic Romero House on Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque

Historic Romero House on Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque

The Romero House dates to 1915, built for Jesus Romero and wife Mary Springer de Romero.

The land it stands on was part of a Spanish deed granted in 1849. By 1915, the property included a house, corral and placita as well.

The “new” house was built over a structure dating from 1895. Thoroughly modern for its time, it included a buzzer system to summon the servant, pine flooring and steam radiators only recently replaced. The exterior walls are, of course, adobe.

In more recent years, the house functioned briefly as a dwelling for the priest of San Felipe de Neri Church, and for several decades as a home for unwed mothers. An occasional visitor will still declare, “I was born here!”

Amapola artists are pleased by the several intriguing rooms filled with light in which to display the wide variety of their work. They invite you to explore the historical aspects of Old Town and climb the stairs to shop at The Romero House.

Will you join us for a tour of the Romero House and Amapola Gallery?

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February Featured Artists – “Mountain Purples”

Elzbieta Kaleta

photo 4

“My art is all about colors, shapes, patterns and textures explored in the medium of paper cutout (popular and famous in my native country Poland). Same interests and tendencies apply to other media I enjoy to work with, such as collage, mixed media and photography. My designs, often whimsical and fanciful, reflect admiration and respect of nature and many remind us about the importance of love, kindness, compassion and friendship.”

Michelle LaMeres

photo 2(1)

“I create beautiful fused glass art with multiple layers of hand cut opaque and transparent colored glass. My process of composing and assembling glass, fusing it in a kiln and then sandwiching and building layers of colors creates glass with amazing depth and intensity of color.”

Vera Russell

photo 1(1)

Vera Russell was raised in rural Nebraska. She is married to a career Navy man whose travels took them to many parts of the world. Vera has studied with artists and teachers in Hawaii, California, South Carolina, Scotland and Spain. She is predominately an oil painter, but also works in pastel and watercolor.

Vern Deas

Vern Deas

“I fabricate jewelry of sterling and precious stones exhibiting contemporary, Asia, African and Native American influences. My style is eclectic, reminiscent of the avaunt-garde jewelry of the 1950’s and 1960’s East Coast Bohemian culture in which I was schooled.”

Be sure to come by the gallery this month to view our February featured artist display in person!

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