Old Town Co-op Art Gallery Enters 36th Year

Amapola Co-op Art Gallery Turns 36

The business headline of the day is the closing of many department store outlets : Macy’s, Sears, K-mart, even Walmart. Potential customers are shopping online, but are also more interested in spending money on experiences rather than material goods. A co-op art gallery such as Amapola Gallery offers the ultimate in experiential value.

This flower picture is the work of photographer Pat O'Brien and is on display at Amapola Gallery Albuqueruqe.

This flower photographed at the Albuquerque BioPark by Member Photographer Pat O’Brien.

With luck and our own talented output, Amapola co-op Gallery won’t close our outlet for a long, long time. For starters we’re a one-off. Our location on the Plaza in Albuquerque’s Old Town is a One and Only. We do have an online presence at AmapolaGallery.com, but the whole point of You and Us is the Experience.

Old Town (don’t be blase, Albuquerqueans, it’s a wonderful place!) where the Conquistadors walked. The Plaza, with beautiful San Felipe de Neri church, a very active and cherished part of the community. Historic Romero House, with delicious treats from Yay! Yogurt downstairs. And upstairs?

Upstairs five and a half rooms filled with all sorts of eye candy: oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media painting, photography, turned wood bowls and wooden boxes, felted wool, painted gourds and cut paper images, assemblages and wall mosaics, ceramic clocks, bowls, teapots and wall sculptures, glass in wondrous assortment, quilts for bed or wall, stone carvings, serigraphs, gorgeous decorative candles and jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. You can revel in the creativity — all local –and find a perfect gift or memento.

Yes, Amapola Gallery is a brick and mortar storefront but it’s also a fun and unique ‘Experience!’ Come see for yourselves!

I draw.I paint. I draw with paint. I carve. I assemble found objects. I blog. See the art at Amapola Gallery. Read my blogs here! -Kristin Parrott


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