New Featured Artist System at Co-op Gallery

New Featured Artist System Will Focus on Duos

Amapola began our “Featured Artist” system years ago as a mechanism on which to hang our publicity hat. Several artists would have selections of their work showcased in an area of the gallery’s front room and host a reception on a Sunday afternoon. Tasteful and low key.

Prepare to be shaken out of your assumptions! Our new curators created a new normal!

This collage reflects the March featured artists at Amapola Gallery - part of the new feattured artists systems.

Beginning in March, only two artists will share the spotlight each month. Their work will be exhibited in a vastly expanded area, with emphasis on juicy new creations. The Featured Artist receptions will coincide with the First Friday Artscrawl events, and Amapola will stay open late for the purpose. (For example, the February reception on the fifth was open until 6 p.m., and featured works by our five fabulous jewelers. (Yum)) Subsequent First Friday receptions will be from 4-7p.m., with the adoption of Daylight Savings Time and those long, luscious evenings.

The proposed artist combinations are dynamic, too. In March, color – intense glass from Anita Daniels.

The new featured artist system at Co-op Gallery Amapola brings excitement and renewal to New Mexico’s largest artists’ cooperative

After a lifetime batting words around like shuttlecocks in an endless game of badminton, it is a pleasure to use them to promote Old Town and my fellow artists at Amapola Gallery. –Kristin Parrott, carver, painter and acorn stuffer

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