Meet Artists and See Art Demos at Party on the Patio

Kris Parrott demonstrates stone carving.

Kris Parrott demonstrates stone carving.

You’ll have an opportunity to meet artists and see art demos Saturday August 15 as Amapola Gallery launches its 35th year anniversary celebration.

“Show and tell” provides a wonderful opportunity for your to learn more about our artists and how they do what they do. Throughout the day, you’ll find different artists demonstrating techniques, answering questions, and helping you have a great time.

Demonstrations will be ongoing from 10am to 5pm, inside and outside. Here’s a recap of what you can expect:

10:00am – 12:30pm

Vera Russell – painting demonstration – inside

Julie Murray – painting pottery demonstration – outside

Anita Daniels – glass demonstration – outside

Debra Montoya, mosaic demonstration – outside

Annette Galvano, fiber demonstration – outside

Meet Annette Galvano and see her demonstrate her fabulous fiber work.

Annette Galvano demonstrates fiber work.

12:30 – 3:00pm

Kay Richards, painting demonstration, inside

Amy Sproul, book making demonstration, outside

Diane Swanson, glass demonstration, outside

Richard Wolfson, poetry demonstration, outside

Mary Sharpe-Davis, ceramics demonstration, outside

Mary Ellen Merrigan demonstrates hand-made cards.

Mary Ellen Merrigan demonstrates hand-crafted cards.


Mary Ellen Merrigan, jewelry demonstration, inside

Denise Ballou, painting demonstration, inside

Diana Kirkpatrick, jewelry demonstration, inside

Anita Daniels, glass demonstration, outside

Cristina Diaz-Arntzen, fiber demonstration, outside

Kristin Parrott, stone carving demonstration, outside

Dare we say there will be even more going on?

Upstairs, we will feature art for $35 in honor of our 35 years in Old Town. Visit each artists’ area and see the wonderful and affordable displays.

Welcome to Amapola Artists’ Co-op Gallery where we’re more than a flash in the pan. Help us celebrate our 35 years in business.

When is an artisans’ gallery also a gift shop? When is a gift shop also a gallery? When it’s Amapola Gallery! For all your decorating, gift-giving and souvenir needs, visit Amapola Gallery.

Remember, Albuquerque + Artisans = Amapola Gallery.

Albuquerque + Artisans = Amapola


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