March Featured Artists – Desert Dust Devils

Mikki Roth - Mountain Spirit Dancers

Mescalero Apache
Mountain Spirit Dancers

My passion for photography evolved from my specific interest in nature and exploration of the many cultures of the southwest.”

MIKKI ROTH Photography is a real art form because it offers a permanent record of beauty. Seeing the world makes New Mexico the best place to live, including dust devils.

Michele McMillan

My work is sterling silver with natural gemstones. Many of my designs are created using the lost wax casting process using objects like cholla, wisteria, grapevines and just ordinary sticks. Other pieces are fabricated from silver sheet and wire.”

MICHELE McMILLAN I am a jewelry artist located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I love to be involved in activities that allow me to be close to nature and my environment. My pieces are mostly one of a kind creations made of sterling silver, gold and copper. I love using gem stones which create color and depth to my pieces.

Annette Galvano - Flowers

I am inspired by the vivid colors of nature and love to create works which reflect its beauty.”

ANNETTE GALVANO I am a fiber artist. I work mainly with felt, wearables and wall art. I seek to represent the ever changing beauty of the New Mexico landscape in my fiber art.

Holiday Quilt

Holiday Quilt

I joined Amapola in 1980 as one of its original members”

MARGE FARMER-PAGE I enjoyed making macramé knots, a craft I learned when my sons were in Boy Scouts.

During the past five years, I have developed an appreciation of quilting and have transitioned to it as my fine craft.

Meet the artists at a reception 1pm -3pm Sunday, March 8, 2015.

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