About June’s Featured Artist Show at Amapola Gallery

June’s featured artist show at Amapola Cooperative Art Gallery is ‘Luminous Landscapes,’ fitting for the month’s gemstone which is pearl. A pearl signifies innocence, charity and faith. Pearls are often described as luminous.

June’s featured artists are Karen Servatt, pastels; Katherine Gauntt, watercolors and oils; and Mary Sharp-Davis, ceramics.

Karen’s vibrant, richly layered works personify this month’s theme.

Karen Servatt is a June featured artist.

Katherine plays with light, shadow and her skillful draftsmanship to create drama in her paintings.

Katherine Gauntt is part of the featured artist show for June at Amapola Gallery.

Mary’s ceramics reflect both natural earth forms and the ancient art which inspires her.

The June featured artist show at Amapola Gallery includes potter Mary Sharp-Dais.

‘Luminous Landscapes’ runs June 1 through June 30. A free reception to meet the artists is scheduled for 1-3pm on Sunday June 7.

Will we see you there?


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