July Featured Artists Show at Amapola Gallery

July Featured Artists Show “Scarlet Sunsets”

During the summer months Amapola offers July Featured Artists Show with the theme, “Scarlet Sunsets.” The exhibit, which continues the Gallery’s focus on gems of the month, is suggested by the ruby, a stone which encourages the wearer to follow his or her bliss.

You’ll find bliss as you experience works by featured artists Marti Anspach, etchings; Neal Drago, wooden boxes; Diana Kirkpatrick, sterling jewelry; and Lynda Burch, watercolor and mixed media paintings.

Marti evokes the natural world in her meticulous etchings, lino cuts and other prints.

Art from Martie Anspach, Featured Artist July at Amapola Gallery.

Neal conjures boxes from blocks of wood and sets a turquoise gem in each finished piece.

Boxes such as this with a turquoise insert are the work of Featured Artist Neil Drago at Amapola Gallery.

Diana creates art to wear with sterling and gemstones.

These necklaces are the work of July Featured Artist Diana Kirkpatrick at Amapola Gallery.

Lynda’s passions are color and experimentation to express emotion.

This painting is by Lynda Burch, featured artists July at Amapola Gallery.

The featured artist reception, 1 to 3pm, Sunday July 12, is open to the public.

Amapola Gallery is an artist co-operative in Old Town Albuquerque. Earlier this year, we featured a blog post about the Amapola system of featured artists. Read more at this link.

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