The Historic Romero House

Romero House is an historic building–it has a brass plaque to say so. One period in its past is intriguing. It served for years as a home for unwed mothers! The ladies were cared for until the babies were born and adopted (usually). This when the whole business of pregnancy outside marriage brought societal judgement down on the whole family. Times do change!

At Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery in Romero House, we are now a stop on memory lane for folks who proudly announce, “I was born here!”

Well– we no longer shelter mothers and babies, but we display children of a different kind, pieces of art created by our forty artist-members. Our all New Mexican all the time gallery is an experience in creativity, with paintings, prints, collages, cut paper, pastels, turned bowls and wooden boxes, fabric wearables, ceramics, mixed-media crosses, photography, glass lovelies, painted gourds, quilts and punch quilts, macrame, clocks, mosaics, assemblages and jewelry jewelry jewelry.

Experience a beguiling blast of creativity in an historic setting, on the Plaza in Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Amapola Gallery, open daily at 205 Romero, N.W. (505) 242-4311 or

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