Golden Gathering is theme for Featured Artists November

Featured Artists November share Golden Gathering theme

Our Golden Gatherings theme is suggested by golden citrine, this month’s gemstone. Citrine dissipates negative energy and tends to balance energies. We all need a little balance heading into the holidays! Featured Artists November are Kay Richards, mixed-media paintings; Pat Oliver, pastels; Mark McAllaster, turned wooden bowls; and Sara Carley, cut paper.

Kay’s paintings are filled with the bold use of joyful color and light.

This is a mixed media painting from Kay Richards, featured artists November at Amapola Gallery.

“I began my art career in 1969, then took a break to raise my family and pursue a nursing career. I now devote full time to my painting in watercolor, acrylic, collage and oils. I try to capture the beauty and feeling of each subject with liberal use of vivid colors bringing uniqueness to the painting, which reveals my strong ties and personal affection to the Southwest. I want the viewer to be able to feel connected to the painting and bring them joy.”

Kay is a signature member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society and has served in various positions. She has been in numerous juried exhibitions. Her work is in many private collections throughout the US and Europe.

Pat’s pastels portray aspects of the vibrant culture of the Southwest.

This pastel is from Pat Oliver, featured artists November, Amapola Gallery.

“I have been a pastel artist since 2002. My pastels have been shown in the Pastel Society’s Small Works show, New Mexico State Fair shows, Johnson’s Gallery in Madrid, and in Saint John’s Cathedral shows, all in New Mexico, with a few from foreign travel.”

Pat’s style is realistic, but not with rigid adherence to the scene or photograph being painted. Especially with color, the harmony of colors is taken as more important than “what you see is what you get”. Pat feels that the best thing about pastels is the colors and that they can be layered to show several levels.

Mark’s turned wood vessels are created to enhance and emphasize grain, color, and other natural characteristics of the wood.

These wood turned bowls are from Mark McAllaster, featured artists November at Amapola Gallery.

“I retired from Sandia National Laboratories in December of 2014 after a forty-one year technical career. In March of 2014 I was participating in the Rio Grande Spring Arts and Crafts Show when then director Kris Parrott approached me about the possibility of considering membership in Amapola. I have been a member of Amapola since May of 2014 and have enjoyed meeting, getting to know, and working with the gallery members.”

Mark  is a craftsman who has been working with wood for over forty years. He enjoys most being able to create pieces that enhance and emphasize the grain, color, and natural characteristics in each piece he makes. Working with the rustic qualities of many of the native woods in the southwestern area of New Mexico as well as other exotic woods is what he really enjoys. Adding a little ‘splash of color’ with some native turquoise inlay has become a characteristic of many of his turned bowls.

Sara brings her quirky sense of humor and acute observation to her cut-paper interpretations of the world around her.

This cut paper art is from Sara Carley, featured artists November at Amapola Gallery.

“I really can’t think of much about my take on art, except I that I find it necessary for my life. I’m probably more musician than fine or folk artist, but I am just compelled to express myself in both mediums. It’s who I am, “when I’m not with the one I love, I love the one I’m with.” You have to have a sense of humor, especially when you are new at what you are trying. Don’t take yourself too seriously and have a sense of humor.”

Sara enjoys working with paper and its mixed media applications which draw her further into art. Cut paper absorbs her – its design, its colors, its patterns and its connections to every part of the world.

The Gallery’s featured artists November will host a reception 1pm – 3pm Sunday November 1. They will also be honored during ArtsCrawl, (every first Friday) 4pm – 6pm. The Golden Gathering show will be displayed through November 30, 2015.

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