Giving Credit, Giving Thanks, Giving up the Year

Thank YOU 2015!

Amapola Gallery has been in business as an artists co-operative since 1980, and we have reached the moment to give credit where it’s due: Thank YOU 2015!Amapola-Gallery-Albuquerque issues a blanket Thank You 2015.

We couldn’t have done it without YOU. Yup–you.

The travelers who stop in every time you come through Albuquerque to see what’s new with us, and to follow us to each new Old Town location.

The local folks who “never get to Old Town” but wander in one day, maybe with out of town company, and are hooked, coming in again and again.

Or, the folks who come in once only but just have to buy that perfect painting, ceramic pot, art glass window or coaster set, wooden box or bowl, the perfect necklace/bracelet/earrings for self or as a gift.

Each of you is a valuable contributor to our continuing success. Thank you! Thank you every one!

Because of your contributions, this has been a phenomenal year. We thank you to our very own member artists as well and salute their contributions.

During 2015, we re-did our website and began this weekly blog.

Early this year, we elected to join Albuquerque ArtsCrawl and since then we have benefited from the monthly events. We look forward to continuing and augmenting our participation in 2016.

We appreciate and salute all the partners who helped with our visibility and publicity this year, especially to historic Old Town Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for your support and consideration  during this past year!

Farewell, 2015! We’re giving credit, giving thanks, and giving up the year!

Welcome 2016! Here’s to a prosperous and art-filled year for each and every one!


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