Featured Artists Show for August is “Dog Days of Summer”

About our Featured Artists Show for August

Four featured artists team up to showcase our theme, “Dog Days of Summer:” Amy Sproul, handmade paper collage and boxed books; Cristina Diaz-Arntzen, punch quilts, watercolorist Barbara B.J. Briscoe and clay artist Julie Murray.

Our gem of the month is peridot, a stone emitting a warm, friendly energy.

Amy Sproul is a featured artist for August

Amy Sproul incorporates handmade paper into her botanical assemblages, books and boxes. She states, “I am inspired by natural materials and they define my art. The southwestern landscape features magnificent vistas of mountains and deserts, but when I am outdoors, I am most intrigued by the details – the way a root twists in red earth, the veins in a leaf, its edges, or the excitement of opening a seed pod.”

This punch quilt wall hanging is from featured artist August Cristina Diaz-Arntzen.

Cristina Diaz-Arntzen has an amazing knack for finding just the right bits of fabric for her color-intense, light-weight wall art. As she puts it, “I’ve been enjoying and creating punch quilts since 2006. My passion and technique for the ‘no sew’ method to create a punch quilt using multicolored fabrics and textures, foam board, batting and a glue stick allows me to design and create a one-of-a-kind unique wall hanging.”

This watercolor painting is from August featured artist BJ Briscoe at Amapola Gallery.

B.J. Briscoe reflects the special light of New Mexico in her subtle landscapes and flower paintings. She especially likes the phrase, “paint what you love.” Because New Mexico has such intense skies and wonderful light to color the high deserts and mountains, it is a joyous challenge for her to attempt to express those in watercolor.

Julie Murray, featured artist for August, presents this dragonfly container at Amapola Gallery.

Julie Murray totally immerses herself in the process when she works with clay, transcending time and conscious thought. As she explains, the clay decides what it will become. “I try to learn something new every day, to improve and inspire — to make my pottery useful, special and unique. I create from the heart – what I do is truly a labor of love.”

The four featured artists for August welcome the public with a reception 1pm – 3pm Sunday August 2, 2015. There is no charge for the reception and refreshments will be served.

“Dog Days of Summer” will be on display through August 31, 2015.

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