Encaustic Art Presented by Guest Member Artist

Join us in welcoming Tricia Simmons as our newest guest member artist at Amapola Gallery.

Tricia spent most of her life in the Chicago area, where she raised her five children. Over the years she worked as a registered nurse, massage therapist and aromatherapist before moving to Albuquerque nearly a decade ago. She, with her cat and dog, and her sister for company, drove down to see a fellow Tricia had met on e-harmony. The sister flew home but Tricia stayed, and is still enjoying the relationship made in on-line heaven. (See! It can work!)

See Dubai Door, encaustic art from Tricia Simmons at Amapola Gallery.

Tricia’s art background includes photography and monotype, fabric art, ceramic jewelry and vessels, as well as jewelry-making using a variety of metal clays. However, her current work provides a medium new to Amapola Gallery: encaustic.

Encaustic uses a combination of bees wax and damar resin, a tree sap. This is melted and applied hot to the background material, usually some type of wood board. The board can be pre-painted, and painted between wax layers, with a vast variety of media, including oil paint mixed with the encaustic medium itself.

You can tinker with the surface before the encaustic is applied, or afterwards, while the wax is still warm. A torch or heat gun fuses the piece between the applied layers of color. The result is impervious to moisture but not to great heat. (You wouldn’t want to stash your encaustic art in a hot car!)

Encaustic art entitled Sun, Moon and Aleph from Tricia Simmons is on display at Amapola Gallery.

The ancient Romans and Egyptians made paintings using encaustic. A Smithsonian Magazine article talks about Fayum portraits as the oldest of modernist paintings. Google the Fayum portraits – they’re gorgeous.

Better yet, come welcome Tricia Simmons to Amapola and see her beautiful eucaustic art in person.

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