Tour our Cooperative Art Gallery – Virtually!

A tour of Amapola Gallery, a cooperative art gallery, begins with the cheerful courtyard. This, or the lounge or the lounge downstairs, complete with free wi-fi, are restful places to enjoy your frozen yogurt, coffee and soft drinks from Yay Yogurt, our downstairs neighbor.

While downstairs, you can tour the eight-piece display of wall art and the selection of smaller pieces in the display case in the downstairs hallway.

Fortified and rested, you climb our stairs. At the landing, you may go straight ahead, right or left.We have the whole second story. See why you needed to be fed, watered and rested? With works by 40 local artists, this will take some time.

Amapola is laid out in a circle, with the stairs in the center and one large room sticking out to the west. The west room is the straight-ahead one when you’re poised on the landing.

Amapola Gallery, a Co-op Art Gallery offers a huge variety of fine art and fine craft items.

The work of 16 artists is here and it is a co-op of art choices: on walls, in windows, on raised display areas, in glass towers. We also have an area for miniature paintings and two mat bins with unframed originals and reproductions – easy to travel home with on the plane for you travelers.

Moving counter clockwise, you enter the room with our sales desk. Come say hi. There are always two local artists working. In this room are 10 display areas and a mat bin, plus our “Featured Artist” display and a section devoted to an enormous variety of notecards, many individually handmade. The Featured Artist display showcases special works by three or four artists each month. It’s well worth a look.

The little room that comes next has two wall displays and a mug rack as well as the doorway to our balcony. You can get a wonderful photo of San Felipe de Neri Church from here, and of the Old Town Plaza itself.

Next, Room D, with eight displays plus a bin for matted work, followed by a single display area currently showing fabulous hand-knit and felted wood hats, handbags and wall pieces.

A Cooperative Art Gallery, Amapola Gallery offers variety in fine wall art, craft items and wearables.

Our last room has four displays plus a permanent display of quilts and quilted potholders, placemats, pillowslips and macrame plant and wine holders.

You’ve now come full circle, back to our stairs. If you’ve climbed them once, we hope you’ll come again and again. Our artists are always changing out pieces, and every three months all our artists’ displays rotate to a different part of Amapola. That’s part of our cooperative art gallery system.

We offer a co-op of art choices: clay, cut paper, fabric arts, glass, jewelry, macrame, paintings, photography, paper & botanicals, wearable art, wood. There is always something new to admire at Amapola Gallery.

(After a lifetime batting words around like shuttlecocks in an endless game of badminton, it is a pleasure to use them to promote Old Town and my fellow artists at Amapola Gallery. –Kristin Parrott, carver, painter, acorn stuffer)


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