Community is Key to New Mexico’s Largest Co-op Gallery

Community and co-op blend into Amapola Gallery Albuquerque

Artisans plus Albuquerque equals Amapola Gallery.

Albuquerque + Artisans = Amapola

It was our theme song last year, our 35th, and it remains true. We are a fellowship of forty artists (more or less) united by our common interest in maintaining our gallery, which provides display space for our work and collegiality with a creative group of like -minded folks. Alone, we might not get too far. United, we form a sustaining community.

One reason we have survived is the historic community of Old Town, with its many galleries and art -appreciating tourists. It’s a wonderful location to be a part of.

Amapola Gallery a co-op gallery is located in historic Old Town Albuquerque.

We appreciate the internet community as well, unlimited by physical boundaries but sympathetic to our blogs, notices of events, and our website with lots of photos and wonders to be purchased. Even better is when the internet persuades folks to come visit the mother ship in person!

Lastly, we are part of the community of Albuquerque, full of lovers of the original and hand -crafted, who have followed and supported us through four Old Town locations and more than 35 years.

This is the poster contest entry from Lynda Burch a member of Amapola Co-op Gallery.

©2015, Lynda Burch, “New Mexico Rising”

Artist /Gallery /Old Town /Albuquerque — wonderful building blocks which together make Amapola a success.

Come see for yourself. We’re COUNTING on you!

Amapola Gallery, the largest co-op gallery in New Mexico, is located on the west side of the square in Old Town Albuquerque, and open 10am – 5pm daily.

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