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Knots on the Cutting Edge.

“Knots on the Cutting Edge. ” That’s the theme for Amapola artists co-op Gallery ‘s March Featured Artist exhibition. I say we could call it “Runs with Scissors. ” Quilter and macrame knotter Marge Farmer Page, and paper cutter Sara Carley, employ knots and scissors in their artwork and cut quite a swath doing it…. Read more »

Welcoming Guest Artist Iris McDowell

Join the members of Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery in welcoming Guest Artist Iris McDowell, a gifted artist whose functional ceramics enhance everyday tasks. Iris’ s background includes more than three decades as symphony violinist and violist. Iris imparts a lyric quality to her clay work, elegant shapes enhanced by the application of copper leaf. Her… Read more »

New Colors and Textures at Amapola Gallery

More new stuff at Amapola artist’s co-op Gallery in Old Town! I’m talkin’ color and texture and an elegant new look. Amy Jane Johnson is our new fiber artist and she’s a dandy. In New Mexico for forty plus years, and sewing longer than that, Amy Jane creates scarves, unstructured jackets and even a line… Read more »

Amapola Gallery Your Destination Shop for Cards

Amapola Gallery is your destination shop for cards of all kinds.  You gotta know by now that Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery is a great source for gifts. Haven’t you been reading my splendid blogs? We overflow with handmade original art and crafts, from paintings to purses, photography to stone carvings, jewelry, ceramics, glass, wood, fabric… Read more »

For Christmas Gifting Choose Amapola Gallery!

We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year! Christmas gifting on your mind? Are you doing the last minute shopping thing? Need a few stocking stuffers to round out your holiday shopping? Stuff this in your stocking and hang it!… Read more »

Twelve Days of Christmas at Amapola Gallery

With just over twelve days to Christmas, the holidays are a busy time of year with everyone shopping for the perfect gift for those special friends and family members. The traditional Twelve Days of Christmas Song starts with the gift of a partridge in a pear tree and each verse adds another item until reaching… Read more »

Amapola Artists’ Co-op Gallery December Featured Artists

  Each month at Amapola Artists’ Co-op Gallery we generally showcase two of our member artists. They have an expanded display area and provide exciting new work to share with you, our Without – Which – No – Gallery public.   Every December brings an expanded showcase – not just two Featured Artists, but our… Read more »

Amapola Artists Co-Op Gallery Welcomes You!

Days I work at Amapola Artists Co-op Gallery  I greet explorers to our gallery with “Welcome to our co- op! ” But you, our precious public, often don’t realize what an artists’ co-op gallery really is. I’m here to ‘splain. It’s expensive to run any business. Our fixed costs include rent, of course, phone, insurance… Read more »

Begin Gift-Giving Season at Amapola Gallery

Choose Amapola Co-op Gallery for Gift Giving Season What with our endless warm autumn, it’s hard to believe it’s nearly holiday time. But Thanksgiving rolls around in a few short weeks! Where to go for the perfect hostess gift? Locally-made unique Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa gifts? Or the perfect congrats-on-a-year-well-lived gift to yourself? Amapola Gallery, your one-stop gift,… Read more »

Old Town Co-op Art Gallery Enters 36th Year

Amapola Co-op Art Gallery Turns 36 The business headline of the day is the closing of many department store outlets : Macy’s, Sears, K-mart, even Walmart. Potential customers are shopping online, but are also more interested in spending money on experiences rather than material goods. A co-op art gallery such as Amapola Gallery offers the… Read more »