Carol Maestas

Watercolor & Watermedia

I fell in love with painting when I created my first piece. It was a 4-foot alligator that I painted in kindergarten. Or at least it felt 4‑feet long in the eyes of a small child.  Today, art still holds the same magic. Every piece I paint seems larger than life. Every time I complete a painting, I step back and say to myself…”Did I really paint that? Wow! Lucky me.” I am grateful every day, not only to have this gift, but to have the opportunity to use it. I have studied under some amazing artists and mentors and am grateful for their guidance. But I am most grateful to the Greatest Artist of All who gave me this gift to begin with.

Today I paint with a purpose. 100% of profit from my art is donated to research to find a cure for Rett Syndrome and to families dealing with Rett. For more information about this devastating condition, go to Rett

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