Board of Directors 2016

Amapola Gallery Albuquerque introduces its 2016 Board of Directors

Like any large group, Amapola Gallery, an artists cooperative, requires a set o ‘ rules and a chain of command to keep things running smoothly. Okay — as smoothly as possible. We’re talkin ‘ herding cats here.

The first group of offices are pretty generic : Director and Co – Director, Secretary and Treasurer. Or Head Cat Wrangler and Cat Wrangler in Training, Say What? and Oh Please Have Mercy.

This is a democratic organization. You know, one cat one vote. But the HCW gets to make a certain number of independent decisions when these are not crucial or wide – reaching enough to involve the whole clowder. This usually involves consultation with the rest of the Board, who are generally NOT inclined to hiss and spit around one another. Even with both bylaws and policies and procedures, all honed over our 35 years (and counting) there arise a good many grey areas. Then there’s the need to keep things rolling as bloodlessly as possible at meetings.

Secretary, or Say What? has a more limited task, of taking minutes at general meetings, usually only five a year. If you’ll think of 40 cats yowling, or even purring, you’ll realize SW? has to listen quickly and write even faster. And then, of course, strain his little paws to type up an email and also print 3 hard copies for those of us who dwell contentedly on the 1980s. (And why not? I ask, speaking only for myself.)

Our Treasurer, or Oh Please Have Mercy, has to correlate receipts with summary sheets with deposits while wringing her paws over records with no date, no artist’s name, arithmetic errors despite a desk calculator — Frankly it is she who has mercy on US, by filling this position year after year, all without resort to extraordinary violence. Amazing. This transcendent gem is Marge Page, who doubles as our macrame knotter AND quilt constructor.

Say What? for 2015 and 2016 is Art Rosenberg, who produces striking natural – object assemblages on sheets of slate.

Mark McCallaster is the Head Cat Wrangler in Training at Amapola Gallery Albuquerque.

Our current Cat Wrangler in Training is Vera Russell, whose oil landscapes and stilllifes record vignettes of New Mexico and beyond. For 2016, our CWiT will be Mark McAllaster, he of the turned wood bowls, many boasting turquoise inlay.

The Amapola Gallery Albuquerque Director for 2016 is Brenda Bowman.

Amazingly, our current Cat Wrangler, Director if you prefer, has agreed to serve another year. Brenda Bowman says, “well, there’s a learning curve …” (I think she’s just fond of cats!) Brenda produces unique contemporary jewelry in metal,stone and glass.

That’s half our Board. Stop by our gallery where you’ll always meet the artists. If these folks aren’t working, say hello to the cats!

Amapola Gallery Albuquerque is the largest artists cooperative in New Mexico. Open daily, 10am to 5pm, you always meet two of the member artists when you shop at Amapola.

After a lifetime batting words around like shuttlecocks in an endless game of badminton, it is a pleasure to use them to promote Old Town and my fellow artists at Amapola Gallery. –Kristin Parrott, carver, painter and acorn stuffer

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