Vera Russell

Drawing has been a part of Russell’s life since she was a kid in rural Nebraska. She bought her first paints when she found a job after high school. She was pretty much self- taught at first, but she took classes and workshops as her Navy husband was transferred around the world. She has been selling her artwork since 1972 when they were living near Carmel, California. Although she has taken time to raise a family and later run a wholesale art pottery business, she has been painting all of her life. She paints predominantly in oils, she also works in pastel and watercolors. Favored subjects are varied—landscapes, still life, and florals. She tries to capture a “particular moment in particular place”, whether it be shadow cast on a mountain meadow, the gold of a NM sunset, or the light on a flower in a still life. Although she occasionally paints on location, more often than not, she will sketch and use photos for reference. She usually sets up a still life using items that she has collected in their travels. Russell has had one-man shows in Monterey, California, Charleston, South Carolina, Palm Springs, California, and Scottsdale, Arizona. She has shown and won awards in several juried local shows, including NM Arts and Crafts Show, Expo! New Mexico. She shows at Amapola Gallery in Albuquerque and Gabriel Gallery in Santa Fe.

Vera Russel - Barkeeps Shelf

Barkeeps Shelf
12″ x 12″ Oil Painting


Vera Russel - Code Talkers

Navajo Monuments
Code Talkers Monument
at Window Rock AZ
30″ x 42″ Oil Painting


Vera Russel - Northern NM

Northern New Mexico
18″ x 20″ Oil Painting


Vera Russel - Vigil Of Faithful

Vigil of the Faithful, painted
at time of John Paul’s death
30″ x 40″ Oil Painting


Vera Russel - What Next

What Next?
16″ x 16″ Pastel Painting

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Cheryl Spaulding

We are huge fans of V.Russell (have several of her pieces).We would love to visit your gallery in Albuquerque! Do you know if Ms Russell has an email address? Thank you, Reid&Ch
Cheryl & Reid Spaulding


We’re so pleased to have your comments! Thank you. Come see us anytime. We’ll contact you separately to give you Vera’s address.

Gail Tucker

This past October, we visited the very lovely gallery in Old Town–where I purchased what I hope to be only the first of Vera Russell’s pieces (a print, but I love it!) You are in for a treat if your path takes you there. Gail & Tiger


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