Philip Green

Raku Fired Ceramic Clocks

Phil Green has been working with ceramics for several years, throwing on the wheel, hand building, and combining the two. However, he has recently become energized by the making of Raku clocks. He loves to take the extreme order of a clock face, surround it with chaos, and yield it to the unpredictability of the Raku firing process. The “chaos” is made from orderly geometric shapes such as circles, lines, triangles, and coupled with irregular shapes and textures. The Raku firing introduces metallic flash areas and color variations that are all colors of the rainbow. It is always exciting to see what the final work will look like. Certainly, no two are the same and Phil likes that. Phil Green joined Amapola Gallery in December of 2004. The pictures shown here are representative of his works.

Philip Green - Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain
17.5″ tall


Philip Green - Kaleidoscope

19.5″ tall


Philip Green - Mariner Time

17″ long


Philip Green - Starpower

Star Power
25″ tall


Philip Green - Swirler

18.5″ tall

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Thanks for asking Sue Ann. We have dozens of clocks at the Gallery and are happy to give you choices. Artist Phil Green will contact you directly.


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