Neal Drago

Handmade Wood Boxes

Hello, my name is Neal Drago. I worked as an auto mechanic for 45 years, so attention to detail is second nature to me. After I retired, I looked for new ways to define myself. I already had experience working with wood as my wife and I had built our passive solar adobe home. However, I was looking for new ways to use my tools. Enter “micro woodworking”. Box making has become a passion. Each box is brought to life from either a solid or laminated block of wood. A variety of sanding and polishing techniques bring them to their final shape. They are then coated with a mixture of carnuba and bee’s wax, and all drawer cavities are lined with velvet to ensure smooth and quiet operation. I love making boxes appear from a block of wood and the exquisite feel of the wood as the final shape is polished and finished – ENJOY.

Neal Drago - Alligator Juniper And Cherry

9 1/2″w x 6 1/2″h x 3 1/2″d


Neal Drago - Infinity

11″w x 1 1/2″h x 3″d


Neal Drago - Moonrise

Alligator Juniper and Cherry
with tray
81/2″w x 3″h x 3 1/2″d


Neal Drago - Pearl

9 1/2″w x 6 1/2″h x 4″d


Neal Drago - Wing

10 1/2″w x 3″h x 4″d

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