Katherine Gauntt

Watercolor & Oil Paintings

Katherine Pacheco Gauntt grew up in the town of Los Alamos and graduated from Los Alamos High School. Her parents, Charles and Connie Pacheco, still live there and she enjoys visiting them still. Her mother, Connie, is also an artist, preferring to work with mono prints. Katherine has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She started out by sketching her family as they watched TV or did other everyday things. But she did not study art in college; rather, she continued painting in her spare time, trying to depict the scenes and people that were close to her. She loves the process of learning and understanding how to achieve reality with paint on a 2-dimensional surface (such as her watercolor paper), so she is dedicated to realism as a painter. At the same time she loves the unpredictability and marvelous effects that watercolor can achieve, so it is a balancing act between control and freedom of the paint to do what it will. At this time she is starting to work in oils, which can achieve marvelous effects. She feels it possible for all persons to learn how to draw. Without that basic skill, using paint is not as rewarding, so she tries to work on that aspect of her artwork. She takes classes when a particularly inspiring artist comes along. She realizes that most learning must come on her own time, at her own pace. She paints outdoors and from models whenever she can, and practices washes and color mixing to attempt to develop some measure of control of this difficult medium of watercolor. Part of her love for watercolor is its ability to achieve such a rich luminosity and glow, and it suits itself well to landscapes, flowers, and glowing skin tones. She loves charcoal and pencil as drawing media, because they are so forgiving and force an artist to simplify things since there is no color. Her favorite artists are Elisabeth Vigee-LeBrun, Jessie Wilcox Smith, a nineteenth century illustrator, Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sargent, and Edgar Degas.


Katherine Gauntt - Amaryllis Glow

Amaryllis Glow


Katherine Gauntt - Barley In Fall

Barley in Fall
16″ x 22″


Katherine Gauntt - Doves At Sunset

Doves at Sunset
14″ x 18″


Katherine Gauntt - Fun In Sink

Fun in the Sink


Katherine Gauntt - Snow Geese

Snow Geese
14″ x 18″

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