K.D. Fullerton

Stoneware Wall Sculptures

Raised in the mountains of Northern New Mexico and Santa Fe, K.D. creates one-of-a-kind stoneware wall sculpture. She uses red or white clay with colored slips and found pieces of metal for accents. The work is bisqued and then smoke fired or raku fired. Each piece is unique but “almost like” pieces can be ordered.

K.D. Fullerton - 3 Spot Pony

3-Spot Pony
(wall piece)
2 1/2″ tall


K.D. Fullerton - Copper Creche

Copper Creche
5-piece nativity set
Tallest Piece is 7″


K.D. Fullerton - Little Red Man

Little Red Man
(wall piece)


K.D. Fullerton - Red Sun Mask

Red Sun Mask
15″ in diameter
(wall piece)


K.D. Fullerton - Two Faced Effigies

Two Faced Effigies
17″ long
(wall piece)

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Ellen Sinyard

Please notify me immediately if KD Fullerton offers up any additional ponies. I have collected over 20 of these delightful ponies and would love to have more.



Will do! Glad to hear you are such a fan of KD’s work. Her ponies are a really popular item.


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