Barbara Lewis

Coyote Canyon Gourds

I am a gourd artist and have been for many years. I began my journey with gourds while spending time with friends in Arizona many years ago. Needless to say, I found my calling. I have worked in other mediums such as pottery, leather, bead design, and painting. I have a degree in fine arts from the University of Wisconsin and spent many years in Colorado experimenting with various art forms. For me, gourds began as an interest and quickly became a passion.

I have always favored three dimensional art forms but gourds held a particular fascination for me given their natural state as a creative organic canvas. They have a long history of surviving centuries and have been found in the burial tombs of several ancient cultures.

Today’s tools, equipment, and color applications have greatly refined the art of gourd decoration and made it possible for artists to explore endless creative avenues in pursuit of the elegant and unusual.

My gourd designs are done on natural grown dried gourds. My designs are all original freehand drawings with the design work done directly on the gourd itself in pencil as I work. Nothing is planned before hand. The coloring is a combination of pyrography, leather dyes, acrylic paints, and some detail done using technical pens.






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