Jack Boglioli    Jewelry
Brenda Bowman    Contemporary Jewelry
Lynda Burch    Watercolor
Sara Carley    Cut Paper
Cristina Diaz-Arntzen    Punch Quilt
Jeanette Easley    Jewelry
Marge Farmer-Page    Macramé
K.D. Fullerton    Stoneware Wall Sculpture
Katherine Gauntt    Watercolor, Oils
Philip Green    Raku Ceramic Clocks
Amy Jane Johnson    Clothing Textiles
Elzbieta Kaleta    Paper Cut-Outs & Photography
Barbara Lewis    Gourd Art
Carol Lutz     Fused Glass
Delfie Martinez   Glass
Mark McAllaster    Turned Wood
Iris McDowell    Pottery
Kelly McIntyre    India Ink
Michele McMillan    Jewelry
Sandra Moench    Functional Pottery
Debra Montoya    Mosaic Art
Cynthia Mulvaney    Oil Paintings
Rebecca Olesen    Acrylic Paintings
Kristin Parrott    Inks, Mixed Media, Montage, Stone Carving
Gwen Peterson    Serigraph
Daniel Region    Photography
Kay Richards    Mixed Media
Tom Roche    Mixed Media Crosses
Arthur Rosenberg    Mixed Media
Sally Rugala    Acrylic Paintings and Jewelry
Vera Russell    Oil Paintings
Catalina Salinas    Oil Paintings
Joyce Scott    Bead Jewelry
Carol Sparks    Watercolor
Ann Tidrow-Connely  Acrylic Paintings
Alan Tillery   Multi Media Wall Art
Pamela Troutman   Bead Artist
Ray Upson   Wood Carving
Dave Ute    Photography

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