April Saturday Amapola Gallery Event

Family Photo Reality at Amapola Gallery Event

Family photos at April's Saturday Event at Amapola Gallery.

Need a professionally – provided family photo? You know you do!

One of Amapola Gallery’s fabulous photographers, Joy Kelley, has the skill, the camera, the location and the props to provide a unique and lasting memory for you and your family.

Location : The patio of historic Romero House on the Plaza in Albuquerque’s Old Town.

Backdrops : Our beautiful and historic Plaza and San Felipe de Neri church.

Props : Western duds and our very own token cowboy, bearded Nathan aka Grizzly Simmons.

Time : 10am to high noon (or longer?) on Saturday, April 16, 2016. Yup, pardner, soon!

Cost : $2 for the photo and .50 for mailing if you can’t pick it up at the gallery. Such a deal!

The April Saturday Amapola Gallery Event will help you make a family photo reality. Come to Old Town Albuquerque and see for yourself.

Stay tuned to this space for news of our next Special Event. There’s one coming your way the third Saturday of each month.

After a lifetime batting words around like shuttlecocks in an endless game of badminton, it is a pleasure to use them to promote Old Town and my fellow artists at Amapola Gallery. –Kristin Parrott, carver, painter and acorn stuffer

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