Amapola Gallery is a One-Stop Co-op, Gallery and Gift Shop

Want a One-of-a-Kind Co-op, Gallery and Gift Shop?

There is an evocative but easy question on the agenda for the next Communications Committee meeting (the group which brings you, among other things, this blog.) The question is : “What are we? Gallery? Co-op? Gifts?”

The easy answer is, “Yes!”

Neal Drago and Martie Anspach are member artists and partners.

Neal Drago (woodwork, boxes) and Martie Anspach (copperplate etchings) are member artists and partners.

First and foremost Amapola is an artists’ co-op.

  • This means that each member pays an equal share of our fixed expenses, allowing us to keep the doors open.
  • Each member must work two days on each six -week calendar, taking turns running the gallery and making sales.
  • Each member has a space to show his or her creative work, a place to try out new styles and techniques.
  • And, as a co-op we are a community of artists sharing information and encouragement and sparking creative ideas.

Amapola is a gallery. Our members create exceptional original artwork, work which can be complement or even the focus for any home or office decor. However, in my mind “gallery ” tends to sound high -end. We CAN be, but …

Amapola is also a gift shop. For as little as $5 you will discover fun and exciting gifts for yourself, family, friends and formal occasions. Our gifts, all our creations, run the gamut from impulse all the way up to ‘WOW!’

Because we are a co-op, gallery and gift shop in one, we offer enormous variety, a wide range of prices, original, locally -made art and crafts, and the opportunity to shmooze with the artists themselves. Two of our member artists man the gallery every day.

Really — give us a once -over. I know you’ll enjoy the adventure.

After a lifetime batting words around like shuttlecocks in an endless game of badminton, it is a pleasure to use them to promote Old Town and my fellow artists at Amapola Gallery. –Kristin Parrott, carver, painter and acorn stuffer

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