Amapola Gallery Honors Jewelers as Featured Artists February

Five Jewelers Are Featured Artists for February 2016

The first archaeological evidence of personal adornment dates back some 75,000 years, a full 30,000 years before those beautiful cave paintings. (You know — here I am and here’s my handprint to prove it!) Very early finds include drilled shells and soapstone beads. This urge to adorn continues throughout the archaeological record, to include gloriously – crafted gold and silver necklaces, rings and bracelets from sites around the world. Adornment is a human drive, ambition and tradition!

If that isn’t motivation enough, remember February is a time to celebrate hearts ‘ connections to sweethearts, parents and other loved ones. (Don’t forget yourself!) What better way to express commitment than with some artistic adornment for Valentine’s Day? Amapola ‘s Featured Artists for February are our jubilicious jewelers: Jack Boglioli, Brenda Bowman, Joyance, Michele McMillan and Mary Ellen Merrigan.

Because we’re an artists’ cooperative, it should be noted each artist performs job duty at the Gallery.

This woven pendant is by jeweler Jack Boglioli, a Featured Artist February for Amapola Gallery.

Jack Boglioli, our Web Master, transforms “wire wrapping ” into wire weaving, incorporating precious and semi -precious stones into intricate and clever precious metal fantasies. He’s a cross between a magician and a spider, with some pendants that are reversible and can be worn upside down, too. Four looks in one. Really!

Jeweler Brenda Bowman is one of Amapola Gallery's Featured artists for the month of February.

Brenda Bowman, clearly a masochist, is gallery Director for the second consecutive year. Brenda creates fun, classy, everyday -wearable necklaces, bracelets and earrings. She focuses on semi -precious stone and metal beads, with a nifty sideline in pearls.

This necklace is by Joyance, a jeweler from Amapola Gallery and featured artist for February.

Joyce of Joyance, our calendar keeper and lighting maven, emphasizes Swarovski crystal in her designs, necklaces and earrings, marvels of understated elegance.

This is the work of Michele McMillan, featured artist for February at Amapola Gallery.

Michele McMillan, our roster ranger, a gifted silversmith, both casts and fabricates a variety of organic and contemporary, unique pieces. Her overall designs often grow out of the unusual stones she uses. It’s all about the process!

This necklace presentation is by Mary Ellen Merrigan, featured artist February at Amapola Gallery.

Mary Ellen Merrigan, our master of social media, publicity wrangler, two -sentence bio enforcer and communications coordinator employs an enormous variety of materials and techniques in her beading. Words to describe her necklaces, bracelets and earrings, which incorporate African trade beads, Sterling, gemstones and vintage glass, are inventive, imaginative and whimsical.

Remember: February is a month to celebrate hearts ‘ connections. What better way to express commitment than with a gift of jewelry? A bauble. A bangle. A beady bibelot. A Sterling heart or crystal drop. A ring for the ear and one for the finger.

So come enjoy the vast variety of our gallery’s adornment opportunities in this month’s featured artist show. From the heady “I really LIKE you ” stage to the appreciation of years spent together, February’s featured artists have a gift for all levels of commitment and connection. Including that well -deserved gift to yourself!

Special Note: Amapola Gallery will join ArtsCrawl on the first Friday in February (February 5, 2016) with hours extended till 6pm. Come by the Gallery and meet some of our jewelers, our featured artists for February.

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