Amapola Gallery Your Destination Shop for Cards

Amapola Gallery is your destination shop for cards of all kinds.  You gotta know by now that Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery is a great source for gifts. Haven’t you been reading my splendid blogs? We overflow with handmade original art and crafts, from paintings to purses, photography to stone carvings, jewelry, ceramics, glass, wood, fabric – – you get my drift – – for every price range, from favorite teacher to hard to impress boss and in-law.

But you may not be aware of our wealth of note cards, perfect for your holiday greetings. Our artist members create this enormous variety – each in their own individual style.  Nearly every co-op member crafts clever cards. We have an entire wall space devoted to dozens of cards, and freestanding racks and individual displays throughout the gallery.

This year don’t limit your self expression to cards- by- the- million from the mall.  Free your inner creativity!  Let your cards be little gifts of their own!  Shop Amapola Gallery for all your holiday greeting needs.

While you’re at it how ’bout a handmade ornament or stocking stuffer?    Need a few ideas for stocking stuffers to round out your holiday shopping?   Stuff this in your stocking and hang it! Amapola is also a destination shop for unique stocking stuffers of all types from fun to fashionable, art to aw shucks. Come see for yourself!
Amapola Gallery, 205 Romero N.W, on the Plaza in Old Town. Open 10 to 5 daily, later on Christmas Eve. Closed Christmas and New Year’s Day.

I draw.I paint. I draw with paint. I carve. I assemble found objects. I blog. See the art at Amapola Gallery. Read my blogs here! -Kristin Parrott


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