About those Stairs…

Amapola Gallery is an oasis of artfulness but you have to earn your access by ascending our stairs. (It’s a disadvantage to being in an historic building, the Romero House, currently in its hundredth year.) Read more about the Romero House.

©2015, stairs to Amapola Gallery

©2015, stairs to Amapola Gallery

You can get a good glimpse of what we have to offer in the display case at the bottom of the stairs, along with an assortment of paintings and drawings in the hallway there.

But, for more fun, you must climb.

©2015, stairway to Amapola Gallery in holiday mode

©2015, stairway to Amapola Gallery in holiday mode

For those with an appreciation of the lovely, useful and whimsical, Amapola is a treasure trove of delights produced by some 40 local artists.

©2015, the up and down of stairs

©2015, the up and down of stairs at historic Romero House for Amapola Gallery

If your companions lack your enthusiasm, or your stair-climbing ability, there is a solution. The earthbound can enjoy the amenities of our downstairs neighbor, Yay Yogurt, along with comfy chairs, free wi-fi and an assortment of refreshments.

Romero House offers the best of both!

©2015, Amapola Gallery – Stairway to Art!

©2015, Amapola Gallery – Stairway to Art!

Will you climb the stairs to Amapola?

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