Featured Artists Offer a Show Theme Monthly

How does a co-op of art choices make use of featured artists?Wall area showing oil paintings and ceramic mosaic art for featured artist show April '15

When asked, “What’s happening at Amapola Gallery this month?” it is advisable for promotional purposes to be able to say more than, “just our usual fabulousness.” Which, while true, is a trifle vague.

A cooperative art gallery, we have developed the featured artist system. Each month three or four pre-selected members exhibit examples of their work, a  mix of wall art and fine crafts, in a special area. Each featured artist show opens on the first of the month, runs through the entire month, and includes a reception for the public on the first Sunday each month.

Every late autumn our special displays maven racks her brain, pairing up various artists and devising themes for the following year’s displays. After 35 years of this effort, coming up with new ideas is a real challenge: how to keep you interested and coming back for more?

The 2015 theme is “Gems for the Year.” April’s gem, for example, is the diamond, and ‘Crystal Clouds,’ the show title. It features raku ‘(ceramic clocks, oil paintings and art glass.

Raku clocks and glass display for featured artist april 2015


May’s emerald gem suggests ‘Green Glimpses,” and features oil and watercolor paintings, bead jewelry and pencil drawings.

These two themes will be followed by pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal and citrine. December is always reserved for our ‘Celebrate Amapola’ all-member show.

For those of you interested in the metaphysical properties of stones, check out our crystal-stuffed acorns, or the wonderful and varied stonework of our six gifted jewelers.

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