About Parking in Old Town…

I’ve heard it said:  “There’s no place to park in Old Town.”

Does this sign amplify your Old Town parking fears?

Does this sign amplify your Old Town parking fears?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Speaking for one of two all-New Mexico cooperatives, and one of twenty-plus galleries in Old Town, I can tell you, “That just ain’t so.”

Except for the very rare special occasion, there’s always a place to park!

To my mind, there are two “best” lots. One is on Romero where it runs into Central. On your right is a small lot that charges a mere $3 per day. (NOTE: This does raise to $5 per day during Balloon Fiesta.)

Parking at Romero & Central, west side - $3/day

Parking at Romero & Central, west side – $3/day

Across Romero from it is a City lot, seldom close to full, which charges $2/hour or $8/day.

Plaza Vieja Parking, $2/hour

Plaza Vieja Parking, $2/hour

The other $3 lot is off San Felipe just as you reach La Hacienda del Rio Restaurant, just past the vendors under the portal. Turn right down a short drive and then turn either right or left. Lots of spaces, seldom full.

Turn at La Hacienda Restaurant to access $3/day parking

Turn at La Hacienda Restaurant to access $3/day parking

Parking around Tiguex Park, a block away on Mountain Road, is free.

Between the Park and Old Town proper is Albuquerque Museum, with tons of paid parking. There is also a lot on Romero just as you enter Old Town and a City lot on Mountain Road close by.

parking at Romero & Mountain Road - $6/day

parking at Romero & Mountain Road – $3/day


Of course, parking is free on both Romero and San Felipe streets, and around the Plaza.

But after a mere two hours you will be ticketed. Two hours in Old Town is not enough! As you can see, there are lots of low- and no-cost options.

Speaking of parking, the frozen yogurt/coffee shop, Yay Yogurt, on the ground floor of historic Romero House, is a fine place to park yourself. Get a hot or cold drink and rest on one of the comfy couches. Catch up on Facebook using the free wi-fi.

Once you’re refreshed and reconnected, come upstairs and revel in our wonderful award-winning, local art and fine crafts.

Where do you park when you come to Old Town? Can you help us add to this list?

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