Monthly Archives: November 2016

Holiday Stroll Old Town 2016 starts with Amapola

If you’ve never experienced Holiday Stroll Old Town style, you’re in for a treat! All of Old Town puts on its party clothes and starts celebrating the holiday season. Evergreen boughs, festive lights, lumenarias – – it’s a magical time to stroll where the Conquistadors walked. Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery is no exception. Friday, December… Read more »

Amapola Artists Co-Op Gallery Welcomes You!

Days I work at Amapola Artists Co-op Gallery  I greet explorers to our gallery with “Welcome to our co- op! ” But you, our precious public, often don’t realize what an artists’ co-op gallery really is. I’m here to ‘splain. It’s expensive to run any business. Our fixed costs include rent, of course, phone, insurance… Read more »

Begin Gift-Giving Season at Amapola Gallery

Choose Amapola Co-op Gallery for Gift Giving Season What with our endless warm autumn, it’s hard to believe it’s nearly holiday time. But Thanksgiving rolls around in a few short weeks! Where to go for the perfect hostess gift? Locally-made unique Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa gifts? Or the perfect congrats-on-a-year-well-lived gift to yourself? Amapola Gallery, your one-stop gift,… Read more »