Monthly Archives: June 2015

Meet Guest Member Artists New to Amapola Gallery

Guest Member Artists Julie Murray and Diana Swanson join Amapola Gallery Join us as we share information about guest member artists Julie Murray and Diana Swanson. Julie Murray remembers how, as a little girl in Northern Minnesota, she made pinch pots out of clay she found near her parents’ lake cabin. She has made potting… Read more »

Memorial Showcase at Amapola Gallery

Memorial Showcase in loving memory of Mabel Culpepper at Amapola Gallery When you enter the Romero House on your way up to Amapola Gallery, you will see a beautiful display case at the bottom of the stairs. This case holds examples of the work of half our members at a time. It provides the viewer… Read more »

The Onion Fine Oil Painting

The onion – allium cepa – is a plant of the lily family. It has an edible bulb with a strong, sharp smell and taste. The dictionary says so! Onions range in color from white to red. The American variety is said to be the most pungent. All onins are cousins of the Easter lily…. Read more »

Jurying art into a member co-op art gallery

One of the responsibilities of membership in a member co-op art gallery like Amapola is jurying art.Who gets in? Why? It’s not a simple answer. If, say, a potter is what we need to round membership out, a potter is who we’ll jury in, although other artists may be juried in for the waiting list. Jurying… Read more »