Monthly Archives: April 2015

Featured Artists for May Offer Green Glimpses

May’s featured artist theme is “Green Glimpses” as suggested by the emerald, a stone to bring harmony in all areas of one’s life. Read more about The Patrician Emerald, one of the great emeralds in the world. May’s featured artists include: David Linden, oil painter Carol Sparks, watercolorist Mary Ellen Merrigan, bead jewelry artist Leroy Velasquez, pencil drawings David… Read more »

Featured Artists Offer a Show Theme Monthly

How does a co-op of art choices make use of featured artists? When asked, “What’s happening at Amapola Gallery this month?” it is advisable for promotional purposes to be able to say more than, “just our usual fabulousness.” Which, while true, is a trifle vague. A cooperative art gallery, we have developed the featured artist… Read more »

Artists Across the World Celebrate Leonardo da Vinci

As an artist, there are two ways to look at Leonardo do Vinci (Leo from the ‘hood.)  First, why bother? He did it all, only better. Why do I think I can be an artist? Second, looking at the vast expanse of artistic possibility showcased by him, let’s say we want to be a part… Read more »

A Word About Our Co-op Art Gallery…

Amapola Gallery is a cooperative. This means we all split the rent, pay a small percentage of our sales (as opposed to the 50-60% commission from a regular gallery) and take turns manning – and womanning – the store. But the whole purpose of the exercise, and with our stairs I use that term advisedly,… Read more »

About April and Featured Artists at Amapola

April’s featured artist theme is “Crystal Clouds,” inferred from April’s birth stone, the diamond. Diamond, the king of crystals, can help to manifest abundance in all areas of one’s life. Our April artists are Gloria Casale with stained, fused and slumped glass; Philip Green with ceramic raku clocks; oil painter Denise Ballou and Debra Montoya,… Read more »