Amapola Artists Co-Op Gallery Welcomes You!

This is the artwork of Katherine Gauntt available at Amapola Artists Co-op Gallery Albuquerque.Days I work at Amapola Artists Co-op Gallery  I greet explorers to our gallery with “Welcome to our co- op! ”

But you, our precious public, often don’t realize what an artists’ co-op gallery really is. I’m here to ‘splain.

It’s expensive to run any business. Our fixed costs include rent, of course, phone, insurance and several other unavoidables of which I wish to remain blissfully ignorant. (SO glad I’m the blogger, not the bookkeeper! ) Each artist member at Amapola pays dues which cover these costs.

We each take turns staffing the gallery. You always meet two of us when you come, not paid employees. We’re all local all the time.

To cover variable costs, like bubble wrap and light bulbs, we pay a very small percentage of our sales to the gallery. (And because it’s so small we can keep our prices low! )

To re- cap:

Thirty-odd New Mexico artists (some odder than others)


Historic Romero House at 205 Romero, NW, for our stunning setting (right on Old Town Plaza! )


You! the intrepid stair climbing experience- and hand made wonders seekers


Amapola artists’ co-op Gallery!

Open 10 to 5, 361 days a year.

I draw. I paint. I draw with paint. I carve. I assemble found objects. I blog. See the art at Amapola Gallery. Read my blogs here! -Kristin Parrott

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